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We would love to hear from you for any valuable Feedback.

For content-related feedback, please provide to mindblogger00@gmail.com details about the person who desires to give feedback along with the following:

– full name
– postal residential address
– email address
– cell number
– Self-attested photocopy or scanned copy of Government issued photo-identity
– title & date/ link of news report, article, editorial or content which is the subject matter of the feedback
– to set out the sentence(s) or word(s) verbatim from a news report, article, editorial, or content in respect of which there is a grievance
– feedback or explanation in 500 words
– specify & attach supporting documents or court orders if any relied upon
– and a signed declaration that whatever information and/or documents are submitted with the feedback is true, complete, and current in all respects and nothing therein is false.

Please note that feedback must be from a person aggrieved or someone personally and directly affected by the matter which forms the subject matter of the feedback or complaint. It must not be vexatious, trivial, or argumentative.

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