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Google Chrome for Android Gets Preview Option to Show Pages Before Opening Fully


Google Chrome for Android recently received a grid view for its tabs menu.

  • Google has been working on this feature for the past two years
  • Chrome for Android will get the new feature with Chrome 89 update
  • Google Search received a Full Coverage feature for news stories
  • Pickfeeds  was independently able to see and test out the feature that was Image 
  •  first spotted by 9to5Google. To use the feature, long press a link on Google Chrome for Android to open the context menu. The new Preview page option should now appear between Open in incognito mode and Copy link address.

  • Long pressing on a link opens a menu through which you can access the Preview page option

Upon opening the page in preview mode, the app will display the page's favicon, name, and domain in the top bar. It also shows a button to open the page in full screen as a part of a group of tabs from the host page. The preview page can be closed by either tapping on close icon or by swiping down.

Google is rolling out this feature with a stable version of Chrome 89 for Android through a server-wide update. The Chrome 89 updates will enable Web sharing on desktop, redesigned discover feed, customisable feed, and many other features.

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