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UK is studying the impact of mixing coronavirus vaccine doses

The study will include over 800 volunteers above 50 years of age in United Kingdom.

image source irish times

The UK has started a massive experimental programme to study the impact of different Coronavirus vaccines, if given two different vaccine doses to an individual.

The focus is to study if giving different first and second doses of vaccines to people works better in comparison to the current approach of giving them the same vaccine doses.

The study is first of its kind and is being appreciated by the UK government as very courageous.The government has reserved funding worth £7 million from the Vaccines Task force.

The study will be conducted by the National Immunization Schedule Evaluation Consortium (NISEC) and the Oxford Vaccine Group.

Aim of the Trial

The aim of the trial is to study the effect of alternate doses of two approved vaccines if given to an individual over two dosing intervals.

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam was quoted as saying in a press release that administering different approved vaccine doses may enhance the immune response by increasing the number of antibodies that last longer.

“Given the inevitable challenges of immunizing large numbers of the population against COVID-19 and potential global supply constraints, there are definitely advantages to having data that could support a more flexible immunization programme, if ever needed and approved by the medicines regulator,” Van-Tam said. 

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