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COVID-19 vaccine- Global divide between the haves (Rich) and have- nots(Poor)


The Rich countries have started the hoarding of Covid-19 vaccines despite the promises of solidarity.

Margaret Keenan has become the world's first lady to receive the clinically authorized and tested Covid-19 vaccine (Pfizer) as a part of the mass vaccination program.

The rollout of the first Covid-19 vaccine in a record time and there are many vaccines that are in pipeline to get the approval, is an opportunity for the wealthy countries to get the vaccine first. 

With the onset of new vaccines, the world is likely to divide between the haves and have-nots. The developed countries are prepared to hoard the vaccines in a very large amount.

Shopping for the Covid-19 vaccines

Rich countries are continuously booking orders for Covid-19 vaccines. According to data collected and updated by Duke Global Health Innovation Center, the bilateral deals worth billions of dollars by a handful of countries for emerging vaccines.

Rich countries and regional Blocks have pre-ordered the vaccine doses far greater than their entire population.

According to People's Vaccine Alliance, an international vaccine watchdog that includes Amnesty International and Oxfam, said this past week that rich countries have preordered Three times more Covid-19 vaccine doses than their entire population for immunization.

According to reports, The Canadian government alone has pre-ordered 05 times Covid-19 vaccine doses than their entire population. Despite the fact that many vaccines may not be approved for immunization.

If we talk about Poor Nations, then as per the Alliance data, nearly 70 poor countries will only be able to vaccinate one in 10 people at best during 2021.

The inability of poor countries to get access to Covid-19 vaccines will be catastrophic. 

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