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Around 200,000 Americans can die due to Pandemic between now and May 1:University of Washington

Pandemic Forecasting team of the University of Washington has predicted a new frightening forecast that around 200000 Americans are likely to die due to Pandemic between now and May 1st.

Image source NPR

Despite religiously following the Covid safety protocol around 4,30,000 people have already died due to pandemic. 

Now the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, predicts at least 130,000 more people would die in the next three months.

With the arrival of new corona virus variant, the scenario has been changed in the USA. The experts predicted from the beginning, that corona virus will change itself in due course, and now two more contagious variants are spreading in the USA.

American government is trying to vaccinate its entire population as soon as possible. but even in the best scenario most of the Americans will have to wait till summer to get vaccinated.

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Government is recommending to wear double Mask and follow the covid safety protocol with double alertness due to arrival or new Corona virus variant.

"The emergence of variants underscores the need for public health action. First, get vaccinated when it's your turn," CDC director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky told a White House briefing this week.

"Second, wear a mask. Practice social distancing and wash your hands. And finally, now is not the time to travel. But, if you must, be safe and follow the CDC guidance."

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