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Central Government is firm on its earlier stand on Farm laws: PM Modi at all party meet

While speaking at the all party meet, PM Modi said "The disruption in the smooth functioning of parliament affects the smaller parties most". Smaller parties must get more time to speak in Parliament.

Image source NDTV

The Central Government called the all party meeting ahead of Monday's Budget session. The meeting was Chaired by PM Narendra Modi.

He said government stands by the offer made to the farmers by agriculture minister Naresh Tomar at the last meeting between the government and farmer representatives.

While government has temporary suspended the implementation of Three farms laws for 18 months, farmers are still adamant on their demand for the complete repeal of the laws. The current deadlock between the Government and the Farmers even after 11th round of Talks does't seem to be resolved.

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PM Modi  said in the meeting" Whatever have been discussed between the Government and the farmers in the eleven rounds of talks still stand good".

Parliamentary affair Minister Prahalad Joshi said “Agriculture minister Tomar had said that the government is open for discussions; he also said that I (Tomar) am a phone call away and I am ready for discussions and this still stands good".

Joshi Said" Government is ready for an open discussion on a range of issues but during the second half of the Budget session".

The functioning of the Parliament is the most important aspect of successful democracy. Parliament provides the ground for regional parties to raise the local as well as National issues. This Budget session is very important for India. After Covid-19 the next economic and social development will be impacted the most with the implementation of this Session.

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